Shoreditch Is a Good All-Around Theme

Shoreditch has a lot of characteristics that I really like.

First, this theme would be great for a business website.

The panel page template allows highlighting of multiple pages on the home page. You can display your products, list your services, or just describe what you do. It’s simple, striking, bold and modern.

It’s flexible. Pages can be made full-width, like my contact page, or they can have a sidebar, like my about page. A striking image header can be used or it can be left out (again, compare the contact page and the about page).

This theme would also be excellent for a personal blog.

The emphasis on large, bold images really makes the site stand out. If you have photos to display this theme really shines.

One issue I have with the theme (on’s free offering anyway) is that the sidebar seems permanently affixed to the blog page. I was thinking about having no sidebar at all on the website, but I can’t seem to remove it from the blog page. Again, this is one of the problems with using the free offering from On a regular website, there’d be no problem removing the sidebar.

Keep in mind that if you build this site, but end up not liking Shoreditch, you have literally hundreds of other free themes to choose from.


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