Using Photos Effectively With Shoreditch

Using photos with the Shoreditch theme has been somewhat of a learning curve for me. Here are some tips for you.

Use Photos That Aren’t Busy

I don’t always follow my own advice (as you can see by looking at the photos I’ve used on this site) but in general, try to use photos that aren’t busy. If you use photos with lots of contrast (bright whites and dark blacks), the visibility of your text overlays will be negatively affected. In other words, be sure your text contrasts nicely with the photo in the background.

Use Photos That Are Dark

It seems that Shoreditch defaults to white text for Panel Page title overlays (check my home page and see the titles). In combination with the free version of and Shoreditch, the color of these titles cannot be changed. They’re white. Period.

The same goes for the text overlays on the featured images on your pages and posts. The titles are white and these can’t be changed. The excerpt text overlays on the blog page slideshow are also white. White, white, white. So you’re going to have to use images that have dark colors in order to be able to see those text overlays.

Of course you can always upgrade to the WordPress paid plan to have the ability to significantly change the look and feel of your site via CSS. Or, you can get a web host and all the limitation will be lifted (i.e., no ads, 24/7 tech support, unlimited storage space, infinite customization options). If you feel like going that route, contact me.

Always Check How Your Image Looks on Multiple Devices

You should use the “preview” button to see how your site will look on different screen sizes. I also recommend actually looking at different devices to see how your site looks. Sometimes the image you add will look great on a big screen but look like doggie doo on a little screen. Be sure to check it out!

Remember, everyone is using mobile devices these days. It’s essential that your pages and posts look good on a mobile device as well as on a large monitor.

Use the Correct Dimensions

The recommended size for most images with Shoreditch is 2000 x 1500. All my featured images (except for my testimonials) are that size. For your testimonials, use featured images that are 150×150.

Use Your Own Photos

If possible, use your own photos. That way you can’t ever get in trouble for copyright violations (it happens) and also, your site will never look like anyone else’s!


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