Create A Cool Slideshow on Your Blog Page

You’ve read my first post and you know what you can do with a blog post and why they’re important. Now I’m going to explain how to get the very eye-catching slideshow to appear above your post excerpts on your blog page.

It’s pretty simple actually. Open up the Customizer and click on “Featured Content.” Add a tag name (it can be anything; mine is “blah” — without the quotes of course). Then, when you write your blog post, add a featured image and tag your post with the tag name you chose before. So for this post, I’m going to add the tag “blah” and I’m going to add a featured image. I did the same for my first post.

Now, when you go to my blog page, you should see a slideshow at the top of the page with my featured images from my posts. Pretty cool, eh?


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